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Stacey Tié founded Whole Child Advocates in order to advance the needs of children in school settings by fostering positive relationships with school teams. As a Special Education Advocate, Stacey works to help families understand what their children’s educational rights are, and empower parents with the information and strategies they need in order to develop a plan that addresses each child’s individual needs. Stacey needed a site that would convey her talents and services in a way that was accessible to families searching for help during a stressful period.

 The Result

The Whole Child Advocates website now offers parents readily accessible information about Stacey’s advocacy services and provides efficient means to contact her and join her informative newsletter. I also photographed Stacey for her headshot to show her warm and approachable personality. The site is ranking well in organic search and scores extremely well in page speed metrics.

The Process





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