Headshots are an increasingly important way to communicate your personality and brand image on your website and social media channels. As your headshot photographer, I will tailor the look and feel to what you would like potential clients to know at first glance: are you knowledgeable and experienced, engaging and convivial, thoughtful and insightful? Together we discuss wardrobe choices and select a background to match your desired look and feel and to bring out the best in you.

Corporate sessions are offered for groups of people that need a consistent look and feel for their brand. I will bring my lighting and backdrop set up to your choice of location to provide an efficient way for your office to capture multiple captivating images in one vision.

To view more of my recent headshot photography, please visit my portfolio page and select photography.

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Personal Brand Photography

In this era of oversaturated, non-stop media consumption, your brand needs high-quality images that are visually arresting to catch the eye of sophisticated consumers. Professionally lit, thoughtfully created images quickly convey the credibility and professionalism of your brand.  The details matter: the setting, the props, the action. The goal is to create an environment where the viewer can imagine themselves feeling welcomed when they arrive and wanting to be a part of the experience you offer.

Personal branding photography sessions differ from a typical headshot or portrait session in a few ways. Headshots are generally a single person shot from the waist up. Personal brand sessions include headshots, but also tell the story of what you do and how you do it with a variety of lifestyle portraits, action photos, and detail shots.

Personal brand sessions are more customized and often involve a variety of wardrobe choices and settings. In this way, a large number of images can be captured in a few hours to a half-day, providing social media and web content for months to come.

Photo Session Tips

What should I wear?

Your outfit will make a huge impact on your final photo. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear well-fitting, freshly pressed clothing in neutral colors.
  • Consider your skin tone and hair color when choosing your clothes as contrasting colors will make a better photo. (Dark brown hair on a dark brown blazer will not photograph as well.)
  • Stay away from busy prints, patterns, or bold stripes as they will draw the eye away from your face.
  • Keep arms and shoulders covered as large areas of skin will also draw attention from your face.
  • V-neck tops are generally flattering on women and create a longer neckline.
What about my hair and makeup?
  • If a professional blowout will make you feel more confident, go for it! That said, avoid drastic cut or color changes right before your headshot session if it will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Make-up should be clean and natural. Avoid products that will shimmer or shine brightly in the camera flash or overly brightly colored makeup.
What about jewelry?

Keep jewelry simple and minimalistic. Pieces that are bold and noticeable may draw attention away from your face. Trendy pieces may date your photography prematurely.

What if I wear glasses?

Glasses are a consideration during a photoshoot. They can introduce unnecessary glare and can mask the brightness of your eyes. Consider wearing contacts for the day of the photoshoot. However, if glasses are a part of your everyday appearance, there are some ways to prevent glare that we will discuss on the day of the shoot if you choose to wear them.

What should I bring to the session?
  • Any previous headshots if you would like to share what you liked about them or what you would like to change.
  • Your own hair styling tools (brushes, combs) or grooming products you might need for touch up. 
  • A positive attitude. Photoshoots can be fun! I aim to put you at ease and make the process enjoyable and present you with images of which you will be proud.
Any other tips?

Drink lots of water and be well-rested from the night before so you feel your best!

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