Mini Sessions


What? A quick, 15-minute session to capture your family’s love and connection!

Where? A mutually-agreed upon location: a park, a beach, or your home!

When? Golden hour, the hour before sunset (or the hour after sunrise if your family are early risers!), on a day that works for you. Click here to look up sunset times on future dates!

Why? You deserve to have family photos taken, even if you don’t think you have time for a full session!

Have questions? Please email me!

Book Your Session

Please note: These mini sessions are for immediate family members only, no poses or arrangements are guaranteed. Your online gallery will be emailed to you for quick selection and ordering at home.


Each family photo mini session is 15 minutes long.

Hand edited, high-resolution digital images will be available to purchase through an online private individual gallery, as well as prints in a variety of materials and formats. In addition, I will upload your purchased images to Mint to create holiday cards and share a private coupon code with you.

When booking, please have a first choice date and a rain date in mind.

Family Photo Session Tips


1. Prepare the kids!

Tell your family about the photo shoot you have coming up, and get them excited! Frame this as a fun family experience you get to enjoy together.

2. Make sure everyone is well-fed and rested.

Try to plan your day so that everyone is not rolling into the shoot tired and hungry, and feel free to bring (less messy!) snacks!

3. Plan your wardrobe ahead.

Focus on coordinating and complimenting each other and steer away from loud, busy patterns or writing as this will distract a viewer’s eye when looking at your photos. Leave plenty of time to organize everyone so you don’t arrive feeling rushed and flustered.



1. Snacks

Bring easy to eat, quick snacks that are less messy, non-staining, and won’t get stuck in your teeth. Good ideas include jelly beans, small crackers, dried fruit. Save the chocolate, lollipops (these take a while to eat and often stain skin!), blueberries, etc. for post-session treats!

2. Bring back up clothes and towels.

Bring layers for everyone – it can get windy at the beach! For small kids who might get wet, consider bringing a second outfit and a towel or two.

3. Consider a favorite activity.

Fun family activities like bubbles or a beach ball can really loosen up the family and make for great photos. If there is a family favorite like riding on dad’s shoulders or being swung by both parents, please let me know.

4. The family pet!

I am a huge animal lover and I will be delighted to include all your family members in the photo session. I promise to make a variety of crazy noises that will entertain the pets and the people!


1. Wear clothes you feel good wearing.

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident and fits you well. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, it will show, but if you are confident you will look relaxed and happy.

2. Wear weather-appropriate clothing.

Check the weather a few days before and plan for it. Match your desired look – beachy, dressy, etc. – with the forecasted temperature.



1. Enjoy this experience!

This can be a fun, memorable time together, so remember to relax and enjoy the moment.

2. Look at the camera but also each other!

We will try to get that classic holiday card shot of everyone looking and smiling, but we will also work together to get those photos that capture the loving connection in your family that make you remember that feeling of being together.

2. Let each child have their moment to shine.

I will try to take a few photos of each child of your family alone, so prepare them for this and ask if there is something they would prefer. Little kids may like to jump or show off how fast they can run, while older teens may prefer a standing, moodier pose that is just right for social media.