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I use both web design and photography skills to build gorgeous, powerful websites and marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs and small business. I really love making the process as painless, straightforward, and fun as possible for other people who don’t love computers and cameras as much as I do.

My love of tech began when my family bought our first computer when I was ten years old, a glorious Apple IIe. I started with a couple of the kids’ games like Lemonade Stand and Logo, an early coding game, but within a few weeks, I was building spreadsheets for my dad for his work as a financial analyst. It was nothing more exciting than a basic excel spreadsheet, but at the time it seemed magical compared to careful calculations made on lined graph paper.

In high school, I took AP Computer Science, was a “Computer Prefect” my senior year helping to maintain the school’s computer lab, and was the person to hunt down if your Mac screen gave you that scary sad face screen. Thanks to my MacWorld magazine subscription, I knew some cool codes to try to bring it back to life.

I went to Harvard thinking I would major in Computer Science but switched to a major in Psychology instead. (I really like people, too, not just computers!) After college, I spent a few years working in finance and strategic planning, first for a Wall Street firm followed by Sotheby’s Holdings, Inc. While at Sotheby’s, I worked on the development of sothebys.amazon.com, an amazing platform that was just a little bit ahead of its time.

I attended Columbia Business School and received my MBA, followed by three kids and a move to the suburbs of Connecticut. I began my web design and photography business to allow me to share my skills with other business owners I met.

My true passion is the intersection between tech and people. I find joy in making tech work for other people. I love to help them showcase their own businesses and passions online. I’d love to help make your online space a beautiful, useful, and powerful marketing tool for your business. Contact me today!

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